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About us

Dale Academy is a virtual institution that provides quality educational services to students appearing in London-based examinations all over the world through an online platform. Our focus is to provide high quality mentoring and coaching to our students by connecting them to instructors who are leaders in their relevant fields.

We also provide a unique platform where students can interact freely with each other and with the instructors, creating an environment that is conducive to sharing knowledge, ideas and thoughts; essential to building a global community. Our goal is to ensure that we provide a platform that not only equips students with the best knowledge and tools required to ace their examinations but one that allows them to expand their networks globally and enjoy a social experience.

Dale Academy is the trading name for Dale International Limited, a company registered in England and Wales

Our Classroom

  • Self-paced video lectures
    • All lectures are available on LMS
    • Complete course coverage through lectures
    • Lectures can be accessed through any device (phones, laptops) at any time
    • High quality video lectures using modern equipment
  • Live interactive sessions with instructors
    • Weekly live sessions with instructors for Q&A and other discussions
    • Individual and group interactions with instructors
  • Direct messaging with instructors and students
    • One-on-one interaction with instructors
    • Instant messaging to resolve critical queries
  • Discussion on past papers, solutions and examiners’ reports
  • Paper-attempting and exam preparation techniques
    • Last-minute preparation tips
    • Study guide
  • Notes, briefs and slides
    • Slides accompanying the lectures
    • Additional reading material
  • Assessments with complete feedback
    • Online quizzes
    • End-of-term assessment
    • Detailed feedback with instructors on assessment grades

Our Community

  • We have an open community that allows users to connect and interact with each other
  • You can expand your network globally by adding friends from diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds
  • You can participate in healthy and intellectual discussions with like-minded individuals on a multitude of topics
  • There are groups created for each course on the Community that are moderated by the course instructors. These groups will allow the enrolled students to engage in course-related discussions with each other and the instructors
  • Through the course groups, you will also have access to case studies, research papers and other content that are shared by the instructors
  • The Community also supports discussion forums, a place where students can post their questions on any subject and gain help and insights from other students or instructors regarding their individual queries
  • You will be notified of job postings through a dedicated job portal
  • You can create content, articles and blog posts and share on the Community
  • You will be able to generate revenue in the form of coins through your engagement and activity on the Community. The coins can be used for discounts in course fees

Social Activities

  • International mooting competitions
  • Online webinars / guest lectures from industry experts
  • Career counselling
  • Career Development Office that provides interface with recruiters in the jobs market

Social events

·         Annual International trips for students and instructors

·         Localized gatherings at best resorts

·         Seminars and conferences

·         Meet and greets with our alumni

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